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Bookmarking Favorite Threads

Posted By: Piano World

Bookmarking Favorite Threads - 08/18/03 12:27 PM

One of the requests I remember is the ability to bookmark favorite threads.

Until I can get the good folks at UBB to add this feature, you can use the "favorites" feature in your browser.

1.)In IE, choose "Favorites/Add to Favorites/, then "New Folder". Name it something like Piano Forums Threads.
2.)Anytime you find a thread you would like to save, click on Favorites/Add to Favorites, click on the folder you created, then click OK.
Note: You can change the "title" of the page you are saving if you want.

- Frank B.
Piano World
Posted By: Bernard

Re: Bookmarking Favorite Threads - 08/22/03 05:51 AM

Thank you, Frank.

BTW, the "New Posts" feature over on the right... it's great! I really love it, great addition. thumb
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