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Chopin -- Impromptu in A-Flat, Op. 29

Posted By: Dan Ahlin

Chopin -- Impromptu in A-Flat, Op. 29 - 07/15/05 05:02 AM

Dear Piano Forum Members,

I'm a new member, and this is my first posting. Have a question re: the above-captioned work:

The opening is marked "Allegro assai quasi Presto". The next section is marked "Sostento" --meaning sustained. I've listened to 3 recordings of this work (Rubinstein, Davidovich and Lundi Li) and all three of them take the "sostenuto" section slower than the opening section, but their tempi do vary for this section.

I'm currently playing the opening section at half note = 69 (or quarter note = 138).

1. Is this within the ballpark tempo Chopin intended?

2. If so, what should be the metrenome tempo marking for the "sostenuto" section--assuming it should be slower than the opening section, or should it?

If anyone in the Forum has studied and/or performed this work, their thoughts/opinions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Posted By: Jens Schlosser

Re: Chopin -- Impromptu in A-Flat, Op. 29 - 07/15/05 04:43 PM

Hello Dan,

you posted your question into the wrong forum. You'll probably not going to get any answers here. Ask your question again in the "Pianist Corner". You can use the drop down menu ("Hop To") on the bottom of this page or click the "Piano World Forums" logo on top of this page to get to the main page of the forums. Then choose "Pianist Corner".

Best regards,
Posted By: Dan Ahlin

Re: Chopin -- Impromptu in A-Flat, Op. 29 - 07/16/05 05:34 AM


Many thanks for pointing out my error. It explains why I wasn't getting any responses to my post on the Chopin Impromptu. I've since moved it to the "Pianists Corner" where it will get the proper attention.

Best regards,
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