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Where's "My Stuff"

Posted By: TheHappyPianoMuse

Where's "My Stuff" - 03/26/18 08:34 AM

Just revisited the Piano World Forums after a gap of about a month or two. Now I can't find the "My Stuff" choice on the top banner. It was a wonderful feature which let me know which threads I had replied to and made locating them a breeze. Now I can't find anything and I don't want to sort through everything to locate a topic I've posted on. I'd really like to see this feature restored. The "User List" seems to have taken the slot and I for one, rarely use it. Please bring back the easy accessible feature.
Posted By: barbaram

Re: Where's "My Stuff" - 03/26/18 08:39 AM

At the top right hand side you should see your user name and a little down arrow, if you click that you will get the "My Stuff" drop down menu (not sure if the menu list is exactly the same as before or not, but more or less)
Hope that helps!
Posted By: TheHappyPianoMuse

Re: Where's "My Stuff" - 05/12/18 09:40 AM

Yikes .... I've been off Piano World for some time. I just found this by clicking on Search at the top of the screen. Then I typed in my screen name and got all my posts.

I just tried your suggestion and sure enough, the menu drops down nicely. It's exactly the same as the old one but for ONE essential thing. It doesn't list my recent posts. I can't imagine why the site managers have removed that essential and very basic choice. However can access by using the Search feature. So that will have to do.

Thanks so much for your reply. I just located this post now.
Posted By: casinitaly

Re: Where's "My Stuff" - 05/12/18 01:41 PM

You can STILL see your posts! smile I just checked! For a moment I thought you were right, then I noticed them!

Click on the drop down menu, and you'll see two symbolds and two numbers. The first symbol looks like a cartoon conversation cloud and the number beside it is the number of posts you've made - which you can click on. The second symbol is an envelop, with a number, indicating private messages and how many are waiting to be opened. You don't see the number of already read messages.
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