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Posted By: eejake52

Mark Forum Read - 04/07/13 03:28 PM

I would like to see the option "Mark this Forum Read". This is commonly available in other forum sites and would make it much easier to see what's new. Also, it saves having to read posts that I'm not interested in - just so they won't show up as new.

Posted By: login

Re: Mark Forum Read - 12/05/14 05:46 PM

I would like this too
Posted By: Smurfette

Re: Mark Forum Read - 05/25/15 02:09 PM

I would also very much like to see this feature. I am experiencing frustration in that sometimes the thread opens at the last read post, sometimes the beginning of the thread, sometimes the top of the last page and sometimes it just skips the first few posts even if unread.

There seems to be no pattern to this and it happens on different forums. I have cleared my cache several times and tried in different browsers and it makes no difference.

An option to go to first unread posts and to mark a forum as read would solve this issue.
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