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forward to website-unavailable.opendns.com

Posted By: wouter79

forward to website-unavailable.opendns.com - 12/12/12 05:46 PM

Frequently pianoworld forum seems not available for a short time (just happened a few minutes ago).

I am then forwarded to website-unavailable.opendns.com

I am wondering why is this happening if pianoworld forum is down. I'm just expecting a 404 error in my browser, not a webpage from somewhere I did not ask for. Is this something in opendns.com? Something on pianoworld? Something in my computer? In my service provider?
Posted By: wouter79

Re: forward to website-unavailable.opendns.com - 12/12/12 09:35 PM

I think I found my own answer, it's called "DNS 404 hijacking" and apparently OpenDNS is doing this....

So it has nothing to do with the Pianoworld setup but it's my DNS setting which is causing this.
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