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Anyone in San Diego?

Posted By: Meredith A

Anyone in San Diego? - 04/05/07 05:22 AM

Are there any learners in San Diego county that would like to get together informally and practice their pieces?

Just PM me please if you are interested!
Posted By: brian13

Re: Anyone in San Diego? - 08/16/07 11:52 PM

that will be awesome if some socal people can meet up. i am in irvine and i dont mind driving down to san diego for a meeting with some fine passionate piano players of all levels.
Posted By: gnimble

Re: Anyone in San Diego? - 08/17/07 06:25 AM

I'm in San Diego... but you don't want me anywhere near you yet. I haven't dusk my old piano from the closet yet :-) But after a few months of practice (beginner), I would love to have a group get together to practice with like minded friends.

Warmest regards,
Posted By: brian13

Re: Anyone in San Diego? - 08/18/07 01:52 AM

i would not mind inviting people to my little apartment, although i dont think anyone will have any fun with just a dinky little digital piano i have.

although there is a westin hotel next to where i live where there is a steinway grand in the lobby, perhaps we can have the party there!
Posted By: Larry Larson

Re: Anyone in San Diego? - 02/25/08 04:33 PM

I am visiting san diego this week, we used to live here. I'll be doing a free concert of my music thursday night at the PianoSD piano store in mission valley, and all you locals are welcome to come. It's at 7:00. best to check the store's website at pianoSD.com for directions. Hope to see you there! Larry Larson
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