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Calendar is Ready!

Posted By: Piano World

Calendar is Ready! - 09/03/03 11:35 AM

The new forums Calendar is ready!


For now, post events dates here and I will get them on the calendar.

To see details about an event, click on the day it is listed and look at the bottom of the calendar.

If you would like your birthday to show up in the calendar, you have to update your profile to show your date of birth. If it already is, you may need to make some kind of update anyway, so the calendar re-looks at the info.

HINT: If you just choose the day and month (leave year showing the word Year), it won't show how old you are:-)

More later...

- Frank B.
Piano World
Posted By: Ed

Re: Calendar is Ready! - 09/03/03 11:42 AM

Forum Member Piano Party: Washington DC - Baltimore MD region, Saturday, Oct. 4, 2003, 2-7pm, Steve Cohen's house.
Posted By: Piano World

Re: Calendar is Ready! - 09/03/03 11:45 AM

Do we have directions, contact info, what to bring, etc?


- Frank B.
Piano World
Posted By: Ed

Re: Calendar is Ready! - 09/03/03 12:05 PM


These are developing in the corresponding thread and I would direct all who are, or might be, interested that way.

As far as directions, I guess that's up to Steve, since he's the only one who knows them. Mapquest (also, Mapblast) is a nice resource for such things. I presume one can post a link to a map prepared through one of these sites.
Posted By: piqué

Re: Calendar is Ready! - 09/03/03 01:20 PM

new york city piano crawl and night on the town, saturday, october 18th, 2003.

please see the thread under forum member meetings for details as they develop, and to contribute your own ideas.
Posted By: 88Key_PianoPlayer

Re: Calendar is Ready! - 09/04/03 04:00 AM

how long does it take for the calendar to update now that I put my birthdate in my profile? (but I put the wrong year in this time - 2013 - just to see what happens)
Posted By: shantinik

Re: Calendar is Ready! - 09/04/03 04:20 AM


A Benefit Recital for
Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families for Peace
United Churches
Olympia, Washington
Saturday, September 20th, 2003
7:30 P.M.

Meera Shanti has been playing the piano since the age of 2. She is currently a student of Robert Jorgensen. Previous teachers have included Paul Edwards, Nathan Jensen, Glenna Zinni, Mark Almond, and Evalyn Poff.

Meera is a junior member of Olympia Friends Meeting (Quakers). She is a competitive gymnast at Black Hills Gymnastics. Meera is educated at home (and everywhere else), is the daughter of Ellen Sawislak and David Albert, and sister of the composer Aliyah Shanti.

Meera thanks all those who contribute to the work of the Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families for Peace.

Recital Program

Johann Sebastian Bach Invention #5 in E Flat Major

Ludwig Van Beethoven Rondo (3rd Movement), from Sonata Opus 53 (Waldstein)

Enrique Granados Danza de la Rosa (from Escenas Poéticas ? Book I)

Aram Khachaturian Toccata


Franz Schubert Impromptu in G Flat, Opus 90 #3 (D.899)

Frederic Chopin Waltz in C Sharp Minor, Opus 64 #2
Nocturne in C Sharp Minor, Opus Posthumous

Isaac Albeníz Cantos de Espana ? Preludio

Sergei Rachmaninoff Prelude in C Sharp Minor, Opus 3 #2
Posted By: Ariel

Re: Calendar is Ready! - 09/04/03 05:46 AM

Sounds like a wonderful program, Shantinik. I know you are glad Meera decided to over-rule her personal decision not to perform in public. Anything for a good cause, I guess, and I'm sure you helped by not being too effusively enthusiastic.

I am moved to post for two reasons (the second is really a moot point). I am very curious seeing all the names, as to why Meera has had so many teachers, and who (or what) they are.

Also, you have requested Khachatourian's Toccata (lively rendition) and I only wish my son were not preparing right now for one or two competitions or else he could work it up again and send it via MP3 File. When he had this piece really "a point" the summer of '02, he was quite good - and very rousing. Much better if I may say, than the Valerie Lloyd version (Suzuki) he was at first listening to. Or maybe it was a track from "Recital Winners" Book II (Alfred?)which also has a CD. Maybe a music store could let you hear just that band and see if it will do.

Ted was able to liven it up on his own, with admittedly some help at piano camp...It is, as you know quite dissonant (think of a factory during early Soviet days, kind of musical "Socialist Realism") and the big, enormous challenge was the constantly changing tempo.

At any rate good luck to Meera! I hope she will let you use a camcorder at least.

Posted By: ChemicalGrl

Re: Calendar is Ready! - 09/04/03 10:29 AM

Originally posted by 88Key_PianoPlayer:
how long does it take for the calendar to update now that I put my birthdate in my profile? (but I put the wrong year in this time - 2013 - just to see what happens)
Well, after receiving a tip (thanks, Linda in PA!) I updated my profile to include my birthday, and within hours, the calendar showed my birthday. Didn't add a birth year, but didn't think that mattered any.
Posted By: Beth-CW

Re: Calendar is Ready! - 09/04/03 05:25 PM

Katie Cartwright
Bridging the Traditional-Contemporary Gap in Christian Music for the Piano

Thursday, September 11, 2003
7:30 pm
Atlanta Christian College
Westside Chapel

This recital is given ins partial fulfillment for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Music
Posted By: Dwain Lee

Re: Calendar is Ready! - 09/05/03 09:58 PM

I'll be touring the Charles Walter factory on September 29, & still looking for any other Piano Worlders who might want to meet there & take the tour as well.
Posted By: ChemicalGrl

Re: Calendar is Ready! - 09/05/03 10:35 PM

I realise this is a little late, but anyway ...

A Tribute to Claude Debussy

Catherine Alderman, soprano
Andrew Bonner, violin
Martha Umstead, piano

Sunday, September 7, 2003
4:00 p.m.
Grace Lutheran Church
824 N. Buchanan Blvd.
Durham, North Carolina

Promises to be a good program. If anyone from NC is free this Sunday, I highly encourage you to come to this event.
Posted By: EHpianist

Re: Calendar is Ready! - 09/06/03 04:12 PM

Friday Oct. 10th, 2003
Dúo Hammel - Sánchez
(Elena Hammel and Laura Sánchez)

Seattle Town Hall


Debussy/Ravel Fêtes (2 pianos)
Manuel Infante Andalousian Dances (2 pianos)
Darius Milhaud Scaramouche (2 pianos)
Schubert Fantasy in F minor (1 piano)
Lutoslawski Variations on a Theme by Paganini(2 pianos)
Rachmaninoff Suite No. 2 (2 pianos)

$13 - $23 Tickets & info
Call 206/297-6717 for tickets and more information. Tickets also available at www.ticketwindowonline and at the Classical Grands showroom.
Posted By: Steve Cohen

Re: Calendar is Ready! - 09/09/03 11:06 PM

Baltimore/Dc/NoVA party moved to Sunday, Oct. 5th instead of Oct. 4th.
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