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Help...Statistic of piano!

Posted By: njyi

Help...Statistic of piano! - 08/26/07 12:38 PM

Hey, guys, i need your help!i'm doing some research statistic for my studies! i'd like to collect some statistic about piano!i hope you can help me!the statistic i want is in below:
1)piano trend
2)piano sales(annual report)
3)piano yearly production
4)market size
5)piano yearly learner
Posted By: Braym2

Re: Help...Statistic of piano! - 11/14/07 03:55 AM

Attention future market investor supremus:
Spelling is useful here in the USA. For example, one might type "brand" for "trend." Is not request #4 your business? Request #5 beguiles me.
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