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Posted By: PhilipInChina July 2018, Bulgaria - 01/08/18 10:50 AM
I don't have a precise date, yet, but I shall be holding a get together here in Early July.
Posted By: PhilipInChina Re: July 2018, Bulgaria - 03/01/18 06:58 PM
The date will be the weekend around 30 June. We will probably kick off around the Thursday and party through until the beginning of the following week.

The house sleeps 9 people, so no shortage of space. I have only 4 pianos on offer, so you might have to form an orderly queue.

You could always try one of the other instruments, of course.
Posted By: michaelvi Re: July 2018, Bulgaria - 03/03/18 01:28 PM
Very interesting!
We (I and my wife) are now planning summer vacation in Europe so I'll do my best to catch this event. I still don't know my work schedule and what will be going on around that time but I hope to be able to find 7-10 day around date(s) of the party and to be there!
Posted By: PhilipInChina Re: July 2018, Bulgaria - 03/06/18 08:58 PM
You are inked in!

I have sufficient numbers to make it work.

I am not promising a professional soloist yet, but who knows?
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