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New NYC October Piano Crawl

Posted By: virtuosaval2

New NYC October Piano Crawl - 07/16/12 06:03 PM

I'm a new member and have been surfing over the site. Are there any plans in the works for a NYC Piano Crawl during the October time frame? The 2003 crawl was almost 10 years ago and have there been any since? This looks like such a fun time, I'd love to participate sometime. If anyone else thinks so too, please write in and maybe we could do something together soon!!!
Posted By: virtuosaval2

Re: New NYC October Piano Crawl - 07/19/12 04:00 AM

I've been watching the interest in my post. No one has written in yet, but there are 261 hits. Does this mean that there might be interest in a new NYC Piano Crawl? Please write in if you would be interested in an organized Piano Row tour where we can play the pianos for eachother like the one that was done in 2003? We could include Steinway Hall if they agree. The other stores that are of interest to me are Faust Harrison, Beethoven Pianos, A.C. Pianocraft, Klavierhaus and the Yamaha testing room. There are many makes of pianos that we don't have in the Denver area which I've never tried and would be interested in playing. Of course, I could do this myself, but I think it would be much more interesting to have other piano enthusiasts join me. Write in with your ideas and maybe we can make it happen again!!!
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