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Ok, maybe not famous, but a nice article about our European Piano Tour...

See this article on the Making Music Magazine web site (and in the Nov/Dec print issue)...

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In the Nov/Dec issue of Making Music Magazine

Details and Lots more pictures of our tour here
You should join us for the next one.

Very nice article, Frank! Thanks for posting it!

Very nice article, Frank!

You have alot to be proud of here. The European Piano Tour was just an offshoot of the community that you've formed with PianoWorld.

With sincere thanks from all piano lovers smile ,
Nice read! Thanks for the post.

Rich G. said it all!!

Our Cape Cod and other NE piano gatherings would not have happened without PianoWorld....Mason&Hamlin factory tours included.
Many thanks...and many more, I hope.
Boy do I regret not going on that tour!!! mad cursing
Fabulous, once in a lifetime experience!
Congratulations again!
Norbert thumb
The tour was fantastic! I loved every minute!
It was a fun time, we can't wait to do it again!

I've collected lots of pictures from everyone, now if I could just get some of the videos :-)

Well done nice article and you know what... my dear friend a journey of a thosand miles must begin with a single step....
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