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E-coli outbreak - Important to all Piano Tour members

Posted By: Bart Kinlein

E-coli outbreak - Important to all Piano Tour members - 06/01/11 07:38 PM

I posted this in the general Piano Tour forum but am copying it here as it may be overlooked there and is important

Re the e-coli infection in Germany - Probably others more familiar with the situation than I, but I am currently in England staying with my daughter's family which includes my German son-in-law. He follows it closely because his parents still live there.

Basically you should not eat any raw vegetables until the source of the infection is confirmed. Thought to be cucumbers from Spain but not certain. Also has not shown up elsewhere (with rare exception) reason unkniown. I'm sure we'll hear more, but if you are arriving early be cautious. A SERIOUS STRAIN WHICH HAS CAUSED NUMEROUS DEATHS!
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