Some free games that you might like.

Posted by: Nyquil

Some free games that you might like. - 02/11/10 09:49 PM

For the hell of it, just because this is a sub forum based on free games, and I like to share spoils I find. Here are some games that are free and better than runescape. (Dungeons and Dragons Online) - Best game I played (Bloodymare Requiem) - This is an everquest emulator. Makes you able to play everquest for free and the classic version of the game. Its legal. You might need to torrent the game though. It's worth it.

I think its best we use our fingers to exercise other apparatuses, not just the piano. If you need anymore or you want to meet in any game, you can always email me at or my account. I like to help newbies, so I might give free stuff away.
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Re: Some free games that you might like. - 02/09/13 03:45 AM

Well, awesome!!!! i like this list, keep posting