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Free Rice

Posted By: Michael Dugan

Free Rice - 02/18/08 07:08 PM

Build your vocabulary while helping the needy!


My score usually fluctuates between 40 and 41.
Posted By: bukopaudan

Re: Free Rice - 02/20/08 03:25 PM

I LOVE THIS GAME! I'll let you know of my score. =D
Posted By: Abi

Re: Free Rice - 04/22/08 10:29 PM

I love this! It's so addicting.
Posted By: 12Logan34

Re: Free Rice - 05/13/08 02:58 PM

This is an awesome site - especially for kids. They can work on their vocabulary and do something good for the world.
Posted By: 8ude

Re: Free Rice - 05/13/08 03:16 PM

Nice - I made it to 46 - there's some toughies in there...
Posted By: ChiaPet

Re: Free Rice - 05/25/08 07:45 AM

level 47 for like 3 words then back down. who knew vocab can be addicting?
Posted By: Ted2

Re: Free Rice - 05/30/08 02:48 AM

It didn't take long to get into the low fifties despite interruptions. However, I found many were very easy to guess from known roots by elimination. The hardest ones for me were those of completely foreign derivation. I also noticed some words coming up more than once.
Posted By: Philip Lu

Re: Free Rice - 08/16/09 08:24 PM

yea, I think the wrong ones come up again!
Posted By: xpresshred

Re: Free Rice - 12/30/11 04:51 AM

This game is very nice,i like this game.I have gain good score in this game.
Posted By: ChopinAddict

Re: Free Rice - 01/03/12 04:27 AM

I used to play this a few years ago and want to start again!
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