Sodoku and Jigzone

Posted by: wolfindmist

Sodoku and Jigzone - 12/11/06 08:59 PM

and Web Sudoku
These game sites are free and addictive at this time.
Posted by: LiszThalberg

Re: Sodoku and Jigzone - 12/11/06 09:05 PM

im a sudoku addict...

I got in troble for doing one in math class two days ago...

My teachers right though, theres no math involved \:D
Posted by: wolfindmist

Re: Sodoku and Jigzone - 12/12/06 12:07 PM

Hi Debussy2o and any other gamers out there;

Just deduction skills for Sudokow.

Jigzone is cool for online puzzles, you can change the number of pieces and the shape of pieces. You can also add your own pictures and make a puzzle out of them.