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Note Reading Piano Game

Posted By: smmcroberts

Note Reading Piano Game - 02/05/13 07:02 PM

Here's a game I wrote to help associate piano keys with notes on the staves.

Note Reading Game

Pick a key (e.g. C Major), then scroll down so that you can see the on-screen keyboard as well as the notes. Click the corresponding key on the on-screen keyboard to advance. After doing a treble and bass scale the notes randomize to make it more challenging.
There's also a flute version.
Posted By: Mona141

Re: Note Reading Piano Game - 02/09/13 02:28 AM

I love this idea! I’ve made a large grand staff with a checkers piece as a note, but haven’t gotten into implementation too much. And making the whole thing tactile adds another dimensions, literally! Thanks!
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