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Sightreading - keyboard integration?

Posted By: Jacob777

Sightreading - keyboard integration? - 09/15/10 09:51 AM

Anyone know of a program for sightreading that has keyboard integration.

This program seems pretty good: http://martypapa.blogspot.com/p/play.html
But if you were pressing real keys it would be a much more powerful tool. Clicking a mouse gets old real fast and doesn't do much for your sightreading abilities up to a certain point.
Posted By: teelions

Re: Sightreading - keyboard integration? - 09/18/10 03:34 AM

I use Sight Reading Studio by David Bagno (MAC only). While it's no longer on his site for some reason (I think he may have sold the rights to it) you can find it at a software site just by searching for it.

Sight Reading Studio will play a random musical phrase on the desktop staff ask you to play it back on a midi keyboard. It will evaluate your note and rhythmic accuracy and show you the results. It will tell you when you played too fast or too slow or when you played it just right.

You can adjust the type of note as well as the rhythm and designate treble, bass or both. For me it's a good way to practice the bass staff as that's the one which I have the most trouble.

Key Piano has some MIDI programs for the PC.
Posted By: Mona141

Re: Sightreading - keyboard integration? - 03/25/13 01:04 AM

Everything is ok, I like this tool. It helped me learn easier.
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