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Fleisher & Schubert: An Online Masterclass

Posted By: Andromaque

Fleisher & Schubert: An Online Masterclass - 03/25/09 05:58 PM

Some of you may know about this site, but if you don't, I highly recommend you explore it.
It is part of the Carnegie Hall Interactive Performance Guides. The guide includes the aopve mentioned sonatas as well as the Emerson String quarter discussing Bartok String quartets.

Basically Fleisher discusses the movements of each sonata with a student in a master class setting. You can follow the score at the same time as the video. The sound and video quality are very good He addresses techniques, rythm, expressivity, dynamics, rubato.. much more systematically than a regular masterclass. The program also allows you to select video clips addressing sepcific areas to watch (uner "Create your own masterclass"). It is quite interesting.

Posted By: Jonathan E

Re: Fleisher & Schubert: An Online Masterclass - 03/31/09 06:10 PM

A very nice resource indeed. Wouldn't it be great to have content like this online for every work in the standard repertoire? :-)

Thanks for sharing.

Posted By: Andromaque

Re: Fleisher & Schubert: An Online Masterclass - 03/31/09 07:55 PM

You are welcome.
I also wish they would add more pieces. I like the interface with the running score and the flexibility of "designing" your own class by selecting sections of interest.. Fleisher does a very good job explaining himself, doesn't he.
Posted By: tomasino

Re: Fleisher & Schubert: An Online Masterclass - 03/31/09 09:41 PM

These are just great. Thanks so much for turning me on to them.

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