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Can anyone help me???

Posted By: ***musical princess***

Can anyone help me??? - 07/21/05 08:22 PM

A few friends and I really want to play some music together but we are finding it difficult to find a piece that can accomodate all of us. We need music for piano (obviously), flute, clarinet and violin. Does anyone know any good pieces (prefferably classical) that we could all play together. Thanks for any input.

Posted By: pianojerome

Re: Can anyone help me??? - 07/21/05 10:15 PM

Play a four-voice fugue from the WTC. smile

Play a piano trio and split up the parts thus:

Piano --> Piano

Violin --> Flute
Violin --> Violin

Cello --> Clarinet
Posted By: John Citron

Re: Can anyone help me??? - 07/22/05 03:31 AM

You could also try some of Haydn's Piano Sonatas. His early sonatas are very much like chamber music. In fact when I was in college, a girl friend of mine played the flute. I transcribed a few sonatas for her to play. I played the piano like an obligato section with harmonically correct chords. Sometimes I would even imitate what she did with the flute.

What is interesting is that this is pretty much what early piano chamber music was like. The piano was used very much like the harpsichord at this point. The cello or viola played the bass and tenor lines, the flute and violins played the treble. The piano played both parts together at the same time.

Hope this helps some. I envy you because that project sounds like it will be loads of fun.

Posted By: ***musical princess***

Re: Can anyone help me??? - 07/22/05 09:17 AM

Thanks guys. I didn't have a clue where to start and Helen (the clarinet player) i have been left in charge of organising something for us to play.

John - Yeah, it should be hopefully. I'm quite lucky to have so many musically talented friends.

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