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Posted By: T.S.R. Schenker - 12/05/07 01:26 AM
Are the Schenker Editions of Beethoven's Piano Sonatas good?
Posted By: John Citron Re: Schenker - 12/05/07 04:38 AM
This is an excellent edition of the Beethoven Sonatas. I purchased mine about 34 years ago and I'm still using them. The music is easy to read, and the pages are nice and clear. His fingering isn't bad either, and as an alternative he also puts in Beethoven's fingering.

I hate to say it, but I paid something like $7.50 a volume, and I paid for each volume over the course of two weeks because I was mowing lawns and used my earnings to buy my music.

Posted By: Kreisler Re: Schenker - 12/05/07 01:51 PM
Yes. In fact, the Schenker edition of the Beethoven sonatas was the first real manuscript-based urtext.

There is one weird thing, though. He numbered the measures at the end of each bar, not at the beginning, so all of his measure numbers seem off by one.
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