Chopin's "Ocean Etude"

Posted by: dizzy fingers

Chopin's "Ocean Etude" - 12/13/07 08:36 PM

I am almost done learning Chopin's Etude Op 25 No 12. Anyone played this piece? I cant quite play it like THIS , heck I can barely play it slow. Tips, comments, stories encouraged.
Posted by: BruceD

Re: Chopin's "Ocean Etude" - 12/13/07 11:15 PM

If you can "barely play it slow" how can you say that you are "almost done learning" this Etude? That sounds like a contradiction to me. An Etude - or any other work - isn't "done learning" until you can play it at a level that would be acceptable in performance, otherwise there are still things to learn to bring it up to performance level.

What sort of tips and comments are you looking for?

Posted by: Alexander Hanysz

Re: Chopin's "Ocean Etude" - 12/14/07 04:48 AM

Interesting video. Her technique looks very odd--I wonder how she manages to accent the bass notes without apparently moving her upper arm at all! I guess it helps if you have large hands...
Posted by: PianolaFlutica

Re: Chopin's "Ocean Etude" - 12/14/07 12:24 PM

take it slowly, its a hard piece. but if u can "barely play it slow", i guess u r not quite "almost done learning" it.

did u try seperate hands? it works for me.
Posted by: hopinmad

Re: Chopin's "Ocean Etude" - 12/14/07 12:30 PM

i thought ocean was no.1 op 10, what is that then?
Posted by: BruceD

Re: Chopin's "Ocean Etude" - 12/14/07 12:56 PM

The Chopin Etude Op 10, No 1 doesn't have a "nickname" that I know of, although some call it simply the "arpeggio" Etude. The so-called (mis-named, in my opinion) "Ocean" Etude is Op 25, No 12.

I believe it was Busoni who gave nicknames to all the Chopin Etudes. Mercifully, most of them have been forgotten, although occasionally someone revives the list.

Posted by: argerichfan

Re: Chopin's "Ocean Etude" - 12/14/07 02:49 PM

Originally posted by BruceD:
The Chopin Etude Op 10, No 1 doesn't have a "nickname" that I know of, although some call it simply the "arpeggio" Etude.
I've heard it called the Runaway Chorale, but I don't believe that originated with Busoni. I haven't seen the list you mention.