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Looking for recordings...

Posted By: AndrewG

Looking for recordings... - 07/13/01 01:28 PM

I am looking for recordings of the following. Anyone can help?

Chopin 24 Etudes performed by:
Janina Fialkowska
Andre Gavrilov

Liszt 12 Transcendant Studies(etudes) performed by:


Could the person(s) contact me if you happen to have any of these and like to help. Thanks in advance

Posted By: BruceD

Re: Looking for recordings... - 07/13/01 07:31 PM

I'm not exactly answering your question, but have pasted the following from a recent post I made on the Chopin Waltzes thread.
"And, speaking of Anievas, his recording of the Chopin Etudes (1966) has just been re-issued on CD (EMI Forte CZS5 75290-2). Bryce Morrison in Gramophone (August, 2001, p. 75) talks about his performance of the Etudes "turn[ing] pragmatism into the purest poetry...", "a glamorous perfection," and "...elegant musicianship." "

My recordings of the Etudes include Ashkenazy (1975), Berezovsky (1991), and Zayas (1995). Since you mention Berezovsky with reference to the Liszt, I thought I'd bring your attention to his Chopin Etudes recording. Do you know it?
Posted By: AndrewG

Re: Looking for recordings... - 07/13/01 10:11 PM

Yes BruceD,

I have the Chopin Etudes versions that you listed. I prefer Ashkenazy's early traversal of these 24 beauties over his '75 recording. I'll definitely look into Anievas Etudes. Thanks for the tip.

Care to tip me on the Hamelin recording of Alkan's Solo Concerto on the other thread that I asked the Q days ago?

Posted By: yok

Re: Looking for recordings... - 07/13/01 11:27 PM


The Gavrilov etudes are on EMI's budget Red Line label (at least in this part of the world) and should be had very cheaply (c. $4 USD here). I agree with you about the superiority of Ashkenazy's earlier Melodiya set of Etudes - they are my favourite of any version. I would also second Bruce's recommendation of Agustin Anievas. I have his Chopin Etudes and Waltzes, and Brahms Paganini and Handel Variations on LP and agree with Bryce Morrison's description of his playing. I'm glad to see they've been reissued on CD.


Does Bryce Morrison make any mention of what became of Anievas? He won a lot of major competitions and made excellent recordings of much key repertoire for EMI in the 60s but then seems to have disappeared from view.
Posted By: CrashTest

Re: Looking for recordings... - 07/13/01 11:58 PM

Not to get off topic, but I also like the Chopin Etudes played by Maurizio Polini, and the Liszt Transcendental studies by Claudio Arrau and Evgeny Kissin.
Posted By: magnezium

Re: Looking for recordings... - 07/14/01 08:37 AM

yeah... Pollini's my favourite for the Etudes...
Posted By: BruceD

Re: Looking for recordings... - 07/14/01 08:48 AM

In his Gramophone review, Bryce Morrison makes no mention of what has become of Anievas. He begins his review: "These recordings, dating from 1966-75, celebrate the sadly far-distant heyday of American pianism, a time when New York's Juilliard School turned out keyboard athletes of an enviable prowess and charisma."
A web search revealed that Anievas appeared at the 1999 Newport Festival "...after a long absence..." and one other makes mention of "former University of DE(laware) faculty member, Anievas..." More than that, I have not yet found.
Posted By: BruceD

Re: Looking for recordings... - 07/14/01 02:01 PM

How can I "tip" you on the Hamelin recording of the Alkan Solo Piano Concerto? Is it about the work, the recording or the performance that I can (maybe) enlighten you?
Posted By: AndrewG

Re: Looking for recordings... - 07/15/01 12:10 PM


My original question was whether it's hard to get a copy of Hamelin's CD of Alkan Solo Concerto.

For Chopin Etudes, Louis Lortie's reading is among the BEST that I have heard. It's refined and poetic. No one should miss this recording.


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Posted By: BruceD

Re: Looking for recordings... - 07/15/01 03:58 PM

I believe that as soon as I read a rave review of the Alkan Solo Piano Concerto, I "dashed" over to Towerrecords.com and ordered it. I don't see it in their current stock, however. Given that it probably is of limited interest to the general public and that the copyright date on it is 1992, it may not be easy to get. It's on the Music and Arts label, catalog no: CD-724.
It's a rather rambling work, the first movement is twenty-eight minutes long; it's somewhat daunting the first time one hears it, as it doesn't seem to have much of a structure, at least that I could sense. While there are moments of fascinating pianistic effects, there is a certain amount of bombast about the work, too. I guess Hamelin does it justice, but it doesn't quite hold together for me. The Yamaha used for the recording is fairly strident, too.

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Posted By: netizen

Re: Looking for recordings... - 07/15/01 04:03 PM

Augustin Anievas is very much still active as pianist. Has played at the Newport Music Festival for the past several years. Last year he did the complete set of Chopin etudes and he was on the program this summer. I don't know about Univ of Del... But I believe until somewhat recently he was teaching here in NYC --whether at CUNY or BCM, I don't recall. All the same, his pianism is still pretty magnificent.
Posted By: AndrewG

Re: Looking for recordings... - 07/16/01 11:34 AM

For all Hamelin fans:

Hyperion is releasing Maestro Hamelin's most recent recording in a day or two. It contains quite a few Alkan pieces including Op.15. The rumour has it Mr. Hamelin learned and recorded this piece because someone dared him that music is IMPOSSIBLE, meaning technically beyond anyone's reach.
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