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Posted By: Puckettmeister86 Best UC's in California? - 01/28/06 11:24 PM
I'm am currently enrolled in a Junior College and plan to be for th next few years after which I intend to transfer to a UC to persue my bacelores and masters in music (Piano Performance).
I'm just curious as to what UC's have the best music departments in the state. any advice would be appreciatd.. Heck it doesn't even have to be a UC.

Posted By: BJenkins Re: Best UC's in California? - 01/28/06 11:44 PM
Stay away from UCI, I've heard some bad things from there. USC isn't a UC, but it's probably your best bet for a california music school. It is mostly focused on graduate students though so you may not get as much performance time as you may want. Chapman is a small school in orange county that you might look in to. The music progam is only undergrad, and it's conservatory sized, 300ish students in the school of music and about 3k in the university. So you get plenty of performance time and all the attention of the teachers that you want. CSF (Cal state fullerton) has a pretty good music department nowadays I hear. Those are the schools I hear most about where I am, but I'm sure schools like UCSD, UCSB, and UC berkley have decent music programs.
Posted By: virtuoso_735 Re: Best UC's in California? - 01/29/06 12:15 AM
Out of the UC's, I would say UCLA has the best music program. UC Berkeley, although it is arguably the best U.C., is not as strong in music as UCLA.
Posted By: Puckettmeister86 Re: Best UC's in California? - 01/29/06 12:30 AM
How about out of Berkly or Davis?
Posted By: BDB Re: Best UC's in California? - 01/29/06 12:45 AM
Berkeley has no performance program, and has been averse to having one. In the area, SF State, Dominican, Holy Names, and SF Conservatory are more oriented towards performance.
Posted By: Opus_Maximus Re: Best UC's in California? - 01/29/06 01:29 AM
UCLA, by far. They have Vitaly Margulis and Walter Ponce, who are both highly respected, plus you are in Los Angeles, with close ties to the Disney hall, USC, and the Colburn School.
Posted By: CCM Stephen Re: Best UC's in California? - 01/29/06 02:14 AM
UCLA probably has the best reputation, but also check out UC Santa Barbara--maybe not the highest level in the world, but I've heard really great things about Charles Asche (and I think he's fairly well recognized).
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