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Mozart Sonata K. 281

Posted By: okat47

Mozart Sonata K. 281 - 10/21/01 06:05 PM

Has anyone played Mozart's Sonata in Bb K.281? I'm just starting it, and I would like any comments, tips, pointers etc. that anyone may have. As well, if someone knows of any books, websites or other resources on playing Mozart, that would be appreciated.
Posted By: yok

Re: Mozart Sonata K. 281 - 10/24/01 04:16 AM

Yes, I've played this sonata. I like it, particularly the rondo finale. I don't have any specific tips, except to practise with a firm touch early on, even in the passages marked piano and especially in the passage work.
Posted By: German

Re: Mozart Sonata K. 281 - 10/26/01 03:27 AM

If you want a reference you can hear a recording by Horowitz. It's issue by Grammophon label.

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