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Posted By: Samejame

Chopin - 09/24/01 01:32 PM

Frederick Chopin

For every Chopin lover, this is a great website of the Frederick Chopin Society in Warsaw, Poland, and is loaded with alot of information concerning his life, his music, and teachings. This is the first time I've posted a link in this new format, so I hope it works.


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Posted By: Bernard

Re: Chopin - 09/25/01 12:45 AM


I went there but it was all written in Polish. Did I do something wrong?
Posted By: netizen

Re: Chopin - 09/25/01 12:54 AM

Try this link:

It should take you to the English language version of the website.
Posted By: Samejame

Re: Chopin - 09/25/01 01:55 PM

It defaults to open on the Polish page, but at the top there is a link to convert it to the English pages.

Posted By: jgoo

Re: Chopin - 09/25/01 11:41 PM

Great Website! I like it. Some other great Chopin websites are:
Chopin Files
Chopin Midi Collection There is a better Chopin Midi site than this one but I don't know the url to it off hand.

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