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Problem raised!!!

Posted By: Dreamygal

Problem raised!!! - 12/17/01 03:48 PM

Hi everyone,
I'd like to ask how to play a
"beautiful" TRILL???
I mean,is there any methods or excercises that can improve the speed of the 2nd and the 3rd fingers?
My problem is I cannot "in control" with my two fingers so that I could never play a "real" and "standard" trill.
Please help,thxxxxx!!!

Dreamygal confused
Posted By: Rodion

Re: Problem raised!!! - 12/18/01 08:23 AM

i believe the key to a good trill involves wrist motion. and you want to use a loose wrist for the back and forth. that's why long trills are always easier for me with 1 and 3, because i can play it from the wrist much easier. the wrist holds the key...the wrist....don't forget..the wrist-sorry i had a dune flashback
Posted By: Vid

Re: Problem raised!!! - 12/18/01 05:13 PM

I agree. I think it has a lot to do with the wrist motion. If you have the Hanon excercises you can practice trills with the excercises on trills in book 2. With loose wrists and with fingers on the keys at all times (i.e. no air between the keys and your fingers) perform the trill very slowly and try to press the keys down only through rotating your wrist back and forth. Exaggerate the wrist motions at first but try to keep it loose and relaxed. At first you will have to do this very slowly and build up in speed. It takes a lot of patience and time. I hope this helps, and as always, its easier to demonstrate this at the keyboard rather than through text.
Posted By: belacqua

Re: Problem raised!!! - 12/18/01 05:19 PM

hi dreamygal,
yes, agree with rodion. you definitely need a "loose wrist" -always keep your wrist relaxed and rely instead on finger strength. you may want to practise the trills in a particular piece you have problems with in staccato first. do it several times. alternate between i)a slower pace where you emphasise every note as well as selected emphasis on the notes where your playing of the trill tends to get disrupted, and ii)a faster pace, without accents, that would be close to the legato speed you intend to play. after this, try playing the trill in the normal legato style, bearing in mind the relaxed wrist, finger strength rule. you should be able to play it with more ease.

if you have problems with trills, this could sometimes be due to some other more general problems with technique. you may want to precede each practice session with at least 20min of scales and arppegios. you'd be surprised at how much faster you'd be improving.

just a suggestion. hope this helps.

btw, hi everyone! new here. stumbled upon this delightful site about 1 mth ago. have been catching up on old forum posts - very exciting. can't wait to change my piano, or at least, to get it tuned and regulated. unfortunately, my perennial dismal state of finances does not even allow for the latter.
Posted By: Mike Pappadakis

Re: Problem raised!!! - 12/18/01 05:25 PM


A little off topic here. Did you ever purchase a digital piano, or did you decide to keep your Yamaha? Or both?

Posted By: Vid

Re: Problem raised!!! - 12/18/01 05:35 PM

Hey Mike, no, I didn't purchase a digital, and yes I kept my U-1. I have moved into a house with other musicians so its a pretty good situation all around. Our house in fact has two pianos! So, if its busy upstairs I can always go downstairs if I want to practice.

I still think about a P-200 for its portability, but that's still a lot of money.
Posted By: Rodion

Re: Problem raised!!! - 12/18/01 07:12 PM

hey i have a p-200!
Posted By: Vid

Re: Problem raised!!! - 12/18/01 07:26 PM

How do you like it? It seemed the best of the portable ones.
Posted By: Dreamygal

Re: Problem raised!!! - 12/19/01 03:34 PM

Thx for all your suggestions!
Dreamygal smile
Posted By: Rodion

Re: Problem raised!!! - 12/19/01 10:21 PM

i think the p-200 is awesome, only it's very heavy because the speakers are built in. if you plan on toting it around often or anything like that, then i would suggest checking out the p-80. it has the same action as the p-200, tons more features if you want to get creative, and it weighs about 30 lbs less without the built in speakers. of course you'll need to buy a keyboard amp, but roland makes very good ones and the added cost will put it about the same or even less as the price of the p-200.
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