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live concert Angela Hewitt on-line

Posted By: otterhouse

live concert Angela Hewitt on-line - 12/03/07 02:30 PM

Hello all,

The Dutch braodcaster AVRO has a free concert on-line every week.
I thought this week's concert was nicew enough to mention....

Radio Kamer Filharmonie dir. GĂ©rard Korsten, Angela Hewitt, piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symfonie nummer 29 in A gr.t., KV 202:
- Allegro Moderato
- Andante
- Menuetto
- Allegro con spirito
Maurice Ravel: Pianoconcert in G gr.t.
- Allegramente
- Adagio Assai
- Presto
encore: J.S. Bach: Gigue in d kl.t.

For those of you who don't speak Dutch....

Then click on the small blue 16th notes icon left of "Beluister het winnende concert" And the concert will start.


Greetings from the Netherlands,
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