Recital Worries...

Posted by: TechnoTrance

Recital Worries... - 06/06/01 06:35 AM

Hey everyone,

It's my first time posting on the new forum, and I'm still getting used to it.

Just to give you some background, I've been playing the piano for a while (perhaps too long for a 16yr old!) and I'm performing a recital this coming Tuesday (12th June where I live). I know this is probably far to late to change anything in the recital, but I would like anyones opinion as to the suitability/compatibility of the pieces I've chosen ie if they "relate" to each other well. The recital is as follows :

1st - Mozart's Fantasia in D minor
2nd - Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C# minor
3rd - Schubert's "The Trout" quintet, 1st and 2nd movements only
4th - Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No.3 in D minor

Hopefully I won't be too worn out (cough cough!) after these things, and I am particularly worried as to how I am going to cope with the Rach 3 being last??? Should I change the order??

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
Posted by: Mat D.

Re: Recital Worries... - 06/06/01 12:29 PM

Hi TechnoTrance,

Question, on the two non-solo pieces (Schubert & Rach 3), are you going to have a 2nd pianist or other accompaniment?

It sounds like you've got your hands full!!

What are the arrangements you are playing?

Mat D.
Posted by: magnezium

Re: Recital Worries... - 06/06/01 09:53 PM

just curious... where are you from?
Posted by: TechnoTrance

Re: Recital Worries... - 06/07/01 03:07 AM

I'm from New Zealand, that little country by Australia ;\)
Posted by: Daniel

Re: Recital Worries... - 06/07/01 04:08 AM

Hey, I'll probably be going to New Zealand within the next year or so (or atleast I hope so!). I've got some family down there somewhere \:\) It should be a great place for a biology student \:D

Posted by: yok

Re: Recital Worries... - 06/07/01 06:42 AM

Greetings from Christchurch.

What part of this little country by Australia are you in ?

Good luck with your recital.