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Greatest Chopin pieces

Posted By: pianoloverus

Greatest Chopin pieces - 07/28/01 11:57 AM

For my next "greatest" poll how about your favorite Chopin works (5 or fewer)? My choices are the following: Sonata in b flat minor, Sonata in b minor, Barcarolle, and the fourth Ballade. Cast your vote!
Posted By: Brendan

Re: Greatest Chopin pieces - 07/28/01 01:56 PM

Those works, while nice, are pallid in comparison to these pieces by Chopin's hand, masterworks of the romantic piano literature:

1. Nocturne in g minor, op. 15 no. 3
2. Funeral March in c minor, op. 72 no. 2
3. Tarantella in A-flat, op. 43
4. Waltz in E-flat (posth)
5. Ecossaise in G, op. 72 no. 4

Opus 72, as you can see, was a varitable textbook on the adaptability of the romantic character piece.


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Posted By: jgoo

Re: Greatest Chopin pieces - 07/28/01 07:37 PM

For my list, see Chopin Lovers.
Posted By: Joe

Re: Greatest Chopin pieces - 07/29/01 08:52 PM

My faves?

1. The 24 Preludes, as a cycle.
2. The Polonaise-Fantasy
3. The 4th Ballade
4. Sonata in b flat minor
5. Waltz in a minor, op. 34 no. 2

Posted By: sandman

Re: Greatest Chopin pieces - 07/30/01 01:05 PM

1 st. ballad
sonata bflat minor
sonata b minor
nocturn e-flat major (does anyone else think this is the best nocturn of all)
Posted By: AndrewG

Re: Greatest Chopin pieces - 07/30/01 01:42 PM

4th Ballade & Fantasy. Both in F minor, btw.
Posted By: EricL

Re: Greatest Chopin pieces - 07/30/01 02:06 PM

Premiere Ballade in G minor, Op.23
Prelude in F# minor, Op.28, No.8
Nocturne in C minor, Op.48, No.1
Fantasy in F minor, Op.49
Sonata No.3 in B minor, Op.58
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