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Brendan, I owe you an apology

Posted By: JoeTownley

Brendan, I owe you an apology - 02/19/02 03:48 AM

Brendan, it's not often Ihave to eat crow but when it's appropriate I get out the salt and pepper and start chewing. You're right. After signing off w/ my nasty post (I apologize for that, also) I went to the piano to practice and played it the way Rach wrote it and you're right. It DOES work his way. I'll play it the way he wrote it from now on. Sometimes it takes having a tree fall and land on your head to make you wake up and realize you're in a forest.
Posted By: Brendan

Re: Brendan, I owe you an apology - 02/19/02 03:50 AM

Well, I'm an insufferable bast**d to begin with, so no harm done. I shouldn't have worded my posts so tersely either.

What other preludes do you play?
Posted By: JoeTownley

Re: Brendan, I owe you an apology - 02/19/02 03:56 AM

Well, as a musician you had every right to call me on that. I need a rap every now and then. I play no. 2, the now-infamous #4, 5, 6, and the g-sharp minor (and do not change any of the notes in those, I swear) There are several others I'd like to be able to play but don't have sufficient technique. Well, maybe some day (sigh).
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