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Sergio Tiempo

Posted By: pianoloverus

Sergio Tiempo - 11/06/07 11:03 PM

Has anyone ever heard him play live or on recordings? Opinions??

Here are his Youtube videos:

Check out the octaves in the Tchaik Concerto! Has anyone ever played them that fast? I also recommend his Scarbo, Chopin Prelude No.4 and his La Valse with is teacher, Martha Argerich.
Posted By: Loki

Re: Sergio Tiempo - 11/07/07 12:06 AM

I think Martha Argerich plays the octaves faster.

And yeah, he has phenomenal technique, but I'm not really a big fan of his interpretations (at least the stuff i've heard of his).
Posted By: AaronSF

Re: Sergio Tiempo - 11/08/07 07:25 PM

I like Tiempo. I've listened to all his recordings at Project Martha Argerich, which are recordings from the Lugano festival, and I like them all.

Here's a hyperlink to those performances:

Sergio Tiempo\'s performances at Project Martha Argerich

Posted By: pianoloverus

Re: Sergio Tiempo - 11/08/07 10:00 PM

Thanks for the link AaronSF. Due to my computer ignorance I can't find the recordings. Everytime I click on a work listed under Teimpo's bio, nothing really happens.

Can someone please help?
Posted By: AaronSF

Re: Sergio Tiempo - 11/09/07 04:49 PM


Not every one of the links is up-to-date, it appears, but for most, if you click on the link, a new screen appears that includes a link labeled "listen to Real Media recording." If you click on that link (and already have Real Media installed on your computer), the music will eventually stream to your computer. It may take 30 seconds or so as it's coming from a server in Italy, but it works.

If you don't have Real Media installed, go to http://www.real.com and download it free.
Posted By: kenny

Re: Sergio Tiempo - 11/09/07 06:23 PM

I heared him live last year at Disney Hall in Los Angeles.

He was superb.
Marvelous technique.

I have his CD of Pictures, a couple Chopin Nocturnes and Gaspard de la Nuit - very fine
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