Changing of instruments...

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Changing of instruments... - 06/12/01 04:21 PM

This topic may be more appropriate for the other forum, but it also has a lot to do with piano playing, as I'm more of a player than an 'owner'. Anyways, I bought my Yamaha U-1 (used - 25 yrs. old) a couple of years ago and have found that living in an apartment is not conducive to long practicing hours. I work days so I can only practice at night, which unfortunately coincides with neighbours' schedules of being home and relaxing. I often resort to playing with the mute pedal on which is less than ideal for 1) sound, and 2) touch ... muffled sound doesn't work for me, and the mute thing does make it a little harder to play (you have to strike the keys harder to hear anything). My plan now is to sell the piano and replace it with the Yamaha P-200 - the portable digital piano thing. This way I can play when I want with or w/o headphones plus the electronically generated sound isn't going to travel as far as the acoustic piano sound did. I can practice when I want and hear it more clearly. I know there are many drawbacks to an electronic keyboard, but I hope the P-200 is a good compromise.

Any thoughts or opinions on this decision? Am I making a horrible mistake?

- as always...
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Re: Changing of instruments... - 06/12/01 05:53 PM

Hi Vid,

I don't think you're making a big mistake. I haven't tried a p200 but I got a GranTouch for the same reasons and it's more than adequate for virtually all of my practising. It is nice to play an acoustic piano every now and then though.

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Re: Changing of instruments... - 06/12/01 08:01 PM

i've been in the military for the past four years, and have owned and been playing nothing but a yamaha p-200 for the past three (except when i go home on vacation)because i've been living in barracks. it's a wonderful keyboard (digital piano), you get what you pay for, i would definitely recommend it....they also have another keyboard that doesn't have the built in speakers, for about 500 dollars less. it's supposed to have the same action as the p-200, only it's much lighter (the whole keyboard, not the action) and being newer has some more functions....the only thing is that you'll have to buy a powered amp (roland makes great ones). i think the model is p-80.

hope this helps \:\)

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Re: Changing of instruments... - 06/12/01 10:23 PM

Just a thought if you have thin floors, the key noise can travel into the floor and be heard below you as small thumping. I had this problem with a yamaha cp30 years ago. The key thumping could be heard downstairs.
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Re: Changing of instruments... - 06/13/01 06:02 AM


You might want to hop over to the digital forum and follow the thread there on digital pianos.
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Re: Changing of instruments... - 06/16/01 11:34 PM


Wow - Giving up a U-1 for a P-200? Call me crazy but the best digital in the world is only a good bottled duplication of what you already have.

I understand your need to play - and do so at a normal volume, but I know too many that couldn't stand their digital after a year or so. (They all loved them when they first got them)

An idea - why not add midi capability? PianoDisc makes a good system. It will cost less than the P 200 and you can keep your piano. What do you think?
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Re: Changing of instruments... - 06/17/01 10:11 PM

That is what I would do. When enabled, the system can stop the hammers before they strike the strings, but through the midi interface you can listen to yourself play through headphones or some speakers. The patches that are available are very good, and best of all, you are still playing on a real piano. I almost went that way 6 years ago, but couldn't afford the piano (just out of college, just married, etc.) If I already had the piano, then I would think this is the way to go.

Another consideration is that the electronic piano will depreciate much faster than the accoustic piano. And, a silent MIDI system could make your piano that much more attractive to a potential buyer down the road.

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Re: Changing of instruments... - 06/18/01 01:52 PM

Thanks for the suggestions! I know about the PianoDisc 'silencing' feature and did some research into it about a year ago. I called the local stores which supply these but unfortunately none of them had a floor model that I could try out. I have a problem buying something unheard and unfelt, especially when it applies to something that will be fitted on my piano! Maybe I'll give them a call again and see if the floor model situation has changed. I contacted the home company at the time and they reassured me that they encourage their suppliers to have floor models.

Anyways, I'll give them another try, unfortunately its hard to get around with a transit strike on.