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Wrist pain

Posted By: Jemima

Wrist pain - 08/22/01 11:04 PM

Hi everyone...

When i am playing a fast piece for example "Fantaisie Impromptu" by Chopin, by the time i am half way through the piece, i MUST stop because i can't even press the keys properly, because my wrist gets a horrible pain (that travels up to my forearm)

It really makes me quite angry, because in the future, i am going to be playing fast pieces almost every day!!!

Does anyone know how i can stop this, or does anyone else HAVE this problem to??
Posted By: SottoVoce

Re: Wrist pain - 08/23/01 12:32 AM

sloooooooowly . . .
practice at about half the tempo for about a week, then slowly increase the speed up back to normal until you can handle it. When I started this piece, I practiced at half-speed for about three weeks before I tried to speed up. I never had any tension problems in this piece.
Posted By: CrashTest

Re: Wrist pain - 08/23/01 12:35 AM

Your tension is most likely due to improper physical movement, or possible lack of technique which makes you force your way through more. I would recommend practicing it slowly all throughout, and slowy increase the tempo until no pain is felt. Good luck!
Posted By: Amy

Re: Wrist pain - 08/23/01 02:11 AM

It sounds to me like you are playing with a tight hand position which is a VERY bad thing to do! Not just for your playing but for your physical health. Many hand problems are caused by playing tightly. You have to loosen up when you play. Try playing some pieces that you already know and make sure that you are playing as loose as possible. When you're sure that you're playing with good hand position and very loosely, try the Chopin. Start out slowly and check your hands to make sure they are not tight and that they are in the proper position. Once you have everything working properly, start to speed up the tempo gradually. You will find that it will be much easier to play fast pieces when you play loose. If the pain is lasting more than about 10 minutes after you play, see a doctor!
Posted By: Jemima

Re: Wrist pain - 08/23/01 09:08 AM

Thanks everyone,

i shall keep trying!

take care..
Posted By: BruceD

Re: Wrist pain - 08/23/01 10:35 AM

Above all, Jemima, make sure your hand, wrist, arm and shoulders remain relaxed. Your problem could be the result of unconscious tension, from trying too hard.

Good luck!

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Posted By: sandman

Re: Wrist pain - 08/23/01 01:17 PM

i agree with bruce and amy, sound like your keeping your write very tight, try to relax it if you can, it a hard thing to do...i had the same problem with the left hand of the pathetique sonata beethovan, i my wrist got so tired so quickly that it really hampered my playing....

good luck
Posted By: CarolinaSprings1

Re: Wrist pain - 09/21/01 04:09 AM

I just wanted to know how to loosen one's hands. I get a really bad pain around my wrist after playing large chords for long period of time. I check my wrist and indeed, my right hand is really tight. How do I fix that?
Posted By: Bernard

Re: Wrist pain - 09/21/01 10:02 PM


That is a difficult question and it could be easy to mis-guide you, but I will try to explain what I think might be the problem. However, take what I say cautiously and if it doesn't work for you don't do it. The best thing, of course, is to get a competent teacher to help you.

That being said, the problem might be that you are reaching for the keys with your fingers. I know that sounds pretty ridiculous; you may be asking, "If I don't use my fingers, what do I use?". The thing is this: Let the fingers spread apart with an action that is initiated from the wrist not from the hand knucle. Your whole hand has to be involed and the fingers don't need to go and find the keys by themselves. Let the action be initiated higher up: your wrist, and forearm if necessary. And make sure you are relaxed under your wrist and forearm.
Posted By: CarolinaSprings1

Re: Wrist pain - 09/23/01 06:03 PM

Thanks for your advice smile I'll check it out.
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