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Posted By: sj@@k

liszt - 07/14/01 06:26 PM


can anyone recommend me a not too difficult piece from liszt to start with?(i have never played liszt before)

Posted By: Diarmuid

Re: liszt - 07/14/01 07:08 PM

The "Consolations" are very nice and range from easy to moderate difficulty (No.1 & No.3 are probably the easiest, No.3 is arguably the best).

If you want to be more daring (musically) try some late Liszt (like Nuages Gris - technically not too difficult but musically very hard to pull off).

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Posted By: Brendan

Re: liszt - 07/14/01 09:07 PM

Man, every time that I come here there's a new message about Liszt. Just so you all know, I haven't bribed anyone.

Sjaak - I second Diarmuid's recommendation. There are also some manageable pieces in the three-book series Annees de Pelerinage. Some ones that you could look at:

From book one:
Au Lac de Wallenstadt, Les Cloches de Geneve, Pastorale

Book two:
Any of the Three Petrarch Sonnets or Sposialoso.

Stay away from book three. It's definitely an acquired taste. The only one that you might want to look at is Les Jeux d'eau a la Villa d'Este, but that one is a little hard.

Posted By: CrashTest

Re: liszt - 07/15/01 02:13 AM

Most of those posts concerning Liszt were made by me nontheless! Liszt's Liebestraum #3 is also a great piece, but slightly more difficult, if you can work up to the level of his Hungarian Rhapsodies, they are pure gems to learn. (#2 is especially popular, but it is difficult, one can still manage though)
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