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September 11 Piano Music Disc

Posted By: trance

September 11 Piano Music Disc - 11/30/01 09:06 AM

I was wondering if anyone out there thinks there should be a special cd made comprising of piano music, in honour of Sept. 11.

If so, what music should be put on it?

I don't have many ideas but 2 pieces definitely should be the 1st Mov. of the Moonlight Sonata and the Nocturne in E minor by Chopin.

Your views would be appreciated smile
Posted By: Nina

Re: September 11 Piano Music Disc - 11/30/01 06:06 PM

Interesting idea... I think it would have to include the 1st movement from Dvorak's New World Symphony, but late on the CD. It really evokes that sort of open-ended, unlimited possibility feel that is part of the United States (at least for me.)
Posted By: jgoo

Re: September 11 Piano Music Disc - 12/01/01 02:33 AM

Yes. A collection of sad pieces may be appropriate. You watch those planes hit and the towers fall, and you just start thinking of all those innocent people who have just lost their lives. You feel as though you want to cry, and some do. Its a very sad thing. Then, we should have a few angry pieces, to show our frustration and then something to go with the new war against afghanistan. However, a few cheery pieces at the end may be good as well, to signify our moving on, and that this attack against human nature will not hold us back, but bond us closer together and make us stronger.
Posted By: Nina

Re: September 11 Piano Music Disc - 12/01/01 05:11 PM

Hi, jgoo:

That's exactly the reason I was thinking as well. Although I realized later I broke the rules, last time I checked the Dvorak New World wasn't exactly a "piano piece."


Posted By: ChemicalGrl

Re: September 11 Piano Music Disc - 12/02/01 04:47 AM

I think that's a nice idea. I'd probably go along with Chopin's Prelude in C Minor (Op. 28, No. 20). I realise that people might associate it with Barry Manilow as he adapted it for use in one of his songs, but if you give this piece a listen, it depicts a great deal of sadness, but you could also feel a sense of hope as well.

If other music besides piano music could go in it, an obvious choice might be Barber's "Adagio for Strings" either the original version, or the choral version ("Agnus Dei"). I read somewhere that it was performed for JFK's funeral, and possibly FDR's as well.

And, for an alternative to Pachelbel's Canon in D, if a piano arrangement could be made for this one (not sure if it has been or not; it may have been originally written for the organ) how about Musicalische Sterbens-Gedanken (Musical Medidations on Death)? It is said that he wrote this as a response to the death of his wife and infant son to the bubonic plague. It's a very beautiful, haunting melody, but in addition, you can almost hear a sense of hope in the music, that despite the sorrow that surrounds you, there is still room to hope for a better future.
Posted By: Penny

Re: September 11 Piano Music Disc - 12/02/01 10:47 PM

According to an article in the LA Times Nov. 26, two documentarians, knowns as "The Kitchen Sisters" are going to put together a "sonic memorial," a montage of recordings of the WTC. Here are some of the ideas to be included:

Composer-musician Glenn Branca's "Hallucination City: Symphony for 100 Guitars" -- performed live last summer outdoors at the World Trade Center.

Also, " And there was a radio station at the top of the towers, and we're looking for the air check from the last broadcast from the attacks," adds Nelson, her voice falling neatly atop Silva's. "We're talking to the Windows on the World [restaurant] piano player and hoping to record his repertoire."

Here's the link to the story:
Voices that Carry article

but it's only good for a few more days.

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