Favorite Beethoven Sonata?

Posted by: MD

Favorite Beethoven Sonata? - 07/13/02 01:01 AM

Hi, I'm trying to select a Beethoven Sonata to work on. However, I'm having trouble picking one. I have played the Pathetique. I'm looking for a great one that won't be played often in competition. Thanks!
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Re: Favorite Beethoven Sonata? - 07/13/02 01:40 AM

Think about Op. 10 #3. I think it's the first masterpiece amongst the piano sonatas.
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Re: Favorite Beethoven Sonata? - 07/13/02 02:06 AM

"Appasionata", "Pathetique", "Moonlight", and "Waldstein" are my 4 favorite sonatas! \:\) \:\) \:\)
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Re: Favorite Beethoven Sonata? - 07/13/02 02:39 AM

My personal favorite is the Hammerklavier. It's never played in competitions because it's 45 minutes in length. Sorry, that might not have been very helpful, but it is my favorite sonata.

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Re: Favorite Beethoven Sonata? - 07/13/02 05:35 AM

Hey - how about the Beethoven Op.109 Sonata in E major? It really is a beautiful piece.

The opening movement is so lyrical contrasted with the central scherzo which always tends to remind me of something concerto-like, rather than the actual confines of a piano movement.

And the ending variations are simply sublime: though don't be deceived...they are difficult, and I can personally attest to their difficulty...oh yes...

(What about the Rondo a Capriccio, if you feel like giving your nerves a test on a rainy day?...)
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Re: Favorite Beethoven Sonata? - 07/13/02 07:54 AM

if you need a dark challenging piece, how about op. 111 first movement C-minor. Or on the opposite end you could try his Pastoral sonata or The Hunt.
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Re: Favorite Beethoven Sonata? - 07/13/02 11:49 AM

Op. 111 is very often played in competitions, though.

I'll go with the Op. 10#3 suggestion (although it does get played occasionally) and the "Hunt" sonata.
Posted by: Brendan

Re: Favorite Beethoven Sonata? - 07/13/02 12:04 PM

Which one is the "Hunt" Sonata? I've never heard that nickname.
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Re: Favorite Beethoven Sonata? - 07/13/02 12:28 PM

Originally posted by Brendan:
Which one is the "Hunt" Sonata? I've never heard that nickname.[/b]
Op. 31#3 is the so called "Hunt" Sonata.
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Re: Favorite Beethoven Sonata? - 07/13/02 02:37 PM

Among the early sonatas, Op.2, No.3 is a satisfying one, even though the 1st movement just about killed me (I found the Pathetique easier). The 2nd movement is quite beautiful. I don't know if it is competition standard, but it is part of the syllabus for the diploma in piano performance of the ABRSM, UK. According to them, this is the equivalent of the standard achieved after 3 years of studying the piano in college.

Murry Perahia has a wonderful recording of that and the other two sonatas in Op.2.
Posted by: Aura

Re: Favorite Beethoven Sonata? - 07/14/02 03:24 AM

I'm currently working on the beautiful Opus 109. It's very difficult... I think you really have to love and understand this one in order to give a good performance, though. I've heard many a young student play it, and it hasn't come up well at all.

I'd probably go for something earlier if I were you... or the Hunt might be good. Either that or Opus 10 No. 2 - not very often played I don't think (?) and very, very beautiful.
Posted by: B. Alden

Re: Favorite Beethoven Sonata? - 07/14/02 03:33 AM

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Re: Favorite Beethoven Sonata? - 07/15/02 05:05 PM

I will second B. Alden. I really like op. 14, no.2 a lot, and it's "supposed" to not be extremely difficult. Maybe I'll try it once I'm satisfied with what I've done to, uh...with op. 49, no.1 (G-min). I love that one more and more each time I hear/play it. Actually, I still probably like the "Tempest" (31, no.2) the most right now. I just read that Backhaus was in love with that piece, and tried to play it as much as possible in public.