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Posted By: kenny A Piano Technician is Born - It's A Boy! - 05/24/08 04:04 PM
Wish me luck.
I am making a career change.
I am becoming a piano technician.

This fall I'm attending the Piano Technology Program at the University of Western Ontario in Canada.
I flew up last week for the interview and test, and just found out I got accepted. yippie

Here is a short video about the program which starts in September.


I'll be at the Piano Technician's Guild's Annual Convention next month in Anaheim California soaking up all I can.

Frycek here, writing on Mary Rose's computer - -
Way to go, Kenny! I told you you loved those big black beasts - thumb
Posted By: BruceD Re: A Piano Technician is Born - It's A Boy! - 05/24/08 07:09 PM
Kenny :

All the very best wishes to you in your new career!


Thats great! Good luck in this wonderful and rewarding career!
kenny, very cool stuff! I've looked at that school myself and heavily, heavily considered a piano tech career. Can you tell us a little bit about how the application process *actually* works (rather than what it looks like on paper)? What sort of specific things do they look for in candidates? How competitive is it? It doesn't seem to me like it's anything like a conducting degree program where they make you come around and rehearse their orchestra on a specific piece or anything, because at a school like that (in Ontario) I imagine they plan on teaching you everything from the ground up.

Congratulations, though!
Posted By: kenny Re: A Piano Technician is Born - It's A Boy! - 05/24/08 10:08 PM
Goldberg, you apply online at UWO’s website, pay a $50 application fee and another $50 if you are not Canadian.
Then you are contacted to schedule an interview at the University in London, Ontario.
Transportation, meals and lodging is at your own expense, which would be disappointing if you were not accepted.
I was interviewed and tested by two people, then I spent an hour or two in the shop taking to students who were rebuilding several grands.

I believe it would be inappropriately compromising for me to reveal much about their testing process.
But I will say that prior to my trip I couldn’t appreciate why a personal interview was necessary. Now I do.
I was very impressed by how much love and care these people devote to the program. I'm very lucky to be a part of this.

I do not know how many people applied and interviewed for the 14 seats, but several people have told me that it is very very competitive and draws applicants from around the world.
The program coordinator told me that there were many more excellent applicants this year than ever before.

If you were considering attending this fall you’d need to call them and schedule an interview immediately. It may even be too late.
Posted By: Digitus Re: A Piano Technician is Born - It's A Boy! - 05/24/08 11:43 PM

I envy you your ability to start a second career doing something that to you is a passion anyway! This school must be something for you to uproot yourself for 7 months and travel all the way up to UWO. Way to go!
Thanks for the thorough reply, kenny. Of course I can appreciate the confidentiality of the testing process; I certainly didn't mean to imply questions about that specific aspect. You really answered my more general curiosities, though; thanks.

I won't be applying this fall, by the way. If I ever do, it'll be for next year.
Posted By: saerra Re: A Piano Technician is Born - It's A Boy! - 05/25/08 05:16 AM
smile Congratulations, it's awesome that you're going to be able to do this! Best of luck in your studies and new career!
Posted By: wr Re: A Piano Technician is Born - It's A Boy! - 05/25/08 09:15 AM
Wow! All the best.
I applaud your pursue of your own passion. Congratulations and good luck.
Congrats Kenny - I've been thinking of a piano tech career too. Still in the wishful thinking phase but maybe...

All the best to ya' !
Posted By: sophial Re: A Piano Technician is Born - It's A Boy! - 05/27/08 07:48 AM
Congratulations,kenny! that is great-- you'll be able to take care of that Bluthner all you want after this! Please send bulletins of what you are doing while you are up there and pictures if you are allowed.

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