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More Bach ...

Posted By: ChemicalGrl

More Bach ... - 10/22/01 03:36 PM

Now I've another question ... I figure Zeldah might be able to answer this one smile

Yesterday, I played Prelude in C Minor from WTC Book II for a friend of mine. She swears it came from a movie she saw many years ago but couldn't say what the title of the movie was. If anyone knows which movie it appeared in (just as a little snippet; the whole thing wasn't played) then my friend would be very much appreciative (and so would I smile )

Posted By: ZeldaHanson

Re: More Bach ... - 10/22/01 08:38 PM

I can't answer.
The only movie I've seen it appear in is
"32 Short Films About Glenn Gould".
But duh, most of the music in that is Bach. =0)
Posted By: wghornsby

Re: More Bach ... - 10/22/01 09:47 PM

Ask her if she's thinking of "Chasing Amy."
Posted By: Matt G.

Re: More Bach ... - 10/22/01 10:17 PM

Never saw Chasing Amy, but I could swear it's been used in a commercial or two.

Just my $.02
Posted By: ChemicalGrl

Re: More Bach ... - 11/18/01 12:58 AM

Hi all -

Sorry to bring back this old thread from the dead but ... the film my friend had in mind was an Australian film called "A Town Like Alice" which came out in 1981. Here's a link to the Internet Movie Database, just in case anyone is interested:

(I hope the link above works ...)

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