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Posted By: Terrytunes Happy Birthday... - 05/04/08 07:50 PM
to John Citron!!

Wishing you a memorable experience in your storm chasing quest!
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Hope you enjoy playing your piano to your hearts content today! 3hearts

Happy Birthday to YOU!!
Posted By: apple* Re: Happy Birthday... - 05/04/08 09:50 PM
yes indeedy!

happy birthday john
Posted By: dannylux Re: Happy Birthday... - 05/04/08 10:22 PM
Happy Birthday, John.

Posted By: hotkeys Re: Happy Birthday... - 05/04/08 10:31 PM
Happy Birthday John!

Great to meet you at CC2's piano party. And thank you for the advice on playing. I am more relaxed now that I have a piano bench.

- Mark
Posted By: lilylady Re: Happy Birthday... - 05/04/08 11:38 PM
Have another 'grand' year John!

Take care during your adventure and take lotsa pics if you see a big one!
Posted By: kathyk Re: Happy Birthday... - 05/05/08 12:48 AM
[Linked Image]
Posted By: pianojerome Re: Happy Birthday... - 05/05/08 12:55 AM
Happy birthday!
Posted By: Bernard Re: Happy Birthday... - 05/05/08 01:42 AM
Posted By: Rich Galassini Re: Happy Birthday... - 05/05/08 01:59 AM
Happy birthday John!

All the best for the next year!
Posted By: John Citron Re: Happy Birthday... - 05/05/08 09:52 PM
Thank you everyone! I had a really nice quiet birthday. I even got some good piano practice in even though I've been busy getting ready for my upcoming trip. laugh

I haven't had the to time to check in the forums over the past few days either. There's so much to do in so little time.

Kathyk - I like your MusicPad-Plus! laugh

Posted By: virtuoso_18 Re: Happy Birthday... - 05/05/08 11:27 PM
I'm sorry if it came a little too late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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