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New to the forum..

Posted By: Oliver Sheen

New to the forum.. - 02/21/07 09:19 PM


I just surfed into this forum and and registered today. Some really interesting stuff abounds!

I'm from the UK and been a pro player for 23 years 7 of which were as lounge pianist at The Ritz London. Looking forward to talking to you all.


Posted By: 8ude

Re: New to the forum.. - 02/21/07 09:25 PM

Welcome - enjoy your stay... smile
Posted By: Piano World

Re: New to the forum.. - 02/21/07 09:25 PM

Hi Oliver,

Welcome to the forums, I think you'll like it here.

Just visited your web site, that's some guest list you've performed for.

Royalty is one thing, but I think performing for the other musicians would make me more nervous.


Frank B.
Posted By: Oliver Sheen

Re: New to the forum.. - 02/21/07 10:10 PM

Thanks for the welcome. Entirely agree, Frank.

One night at The Ritz the lounge was alomost totally empty when who walked in - Neil Sedaka.

It would have been OK except i was playing Breaking up... at the time (slow version) and made a complete mess of all the great mans licks!

He didn't seem to mind! (or notice?)I find the true celebrities are the ones who dont act like celebs at all - just normal people.

Posted By: ecm

Re: New to the forum.. - 02/21/07 10:28 PM

Hi Oliver.

Welcome to the Forums!
I'm looking forward to your topics!

see you
Posted By: LiszThalberg

Re: New to the forum.. - 02/24/07 03:25 AM

Hey Oliver and Welcome to the Forum! I just saw your rep. list and it's very impressive. I'd love to be as talented as you when I am your age!

Enjoy your stay,
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