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Posted By: Mat D.

Kissin... - 11/13/01 07:00 AM

...For those who "can't stand" his playing (you know who you are) here is a little something for you to look at & listen to--A performance of the Rach II (plus encores)on video---complete--50min+. I really don't think you can honestly dismiss Mr. Kissin so easily after you watch this. He might not be your "cup of tea" as a pianist, but the man can play...

Kissin interview & Rach II video (complete)

In case the link doesn't work, here is the address: [URL=http://www.evgenykissin.net/file/PROMS1.wmv]

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Posted By: AndrewG

Re: Kissin... - 11/13/01 12:06 PM

Kissin's 'Wanderer' Fantasy on DG is one of the best that I have heard so is his Chopin 24 Preludes. He certainly IS "my cup of tea" to savor...
Posted By: wghornsby

Re: Kissin... - 11/13/01 03:06 PM

Just finished listening to the entire thing here at work. Very nice!
Posted By: Josh

Re: Kissin... - 11/13/01 04:55 PM

Aw, I could do THAT...... wink

But seriously, very nice performance. I can't take anything away from the man's ability.

Posted By: Diarmuid

Re: Kissin... - 11/13/01 11:09 PM

Some of my favourite recordings are by Kissin. His Prokofiev III is glittering and his 12th Hungarian Rhapsody is absolutely definitive smile I think I saw that performance live on the BBC (can't download the whole thing, but does he make a very minor splodge near the end? And looks a bit irritated at it). That was a great performance, and he played two Rach preludes as encores and brought the house down.
Posted By: Allen

Re: Kissin... - 11/14/01 01:37 PM

Dear MatD,
I just downloaded the entire performance(which took 3 hours to do.) and watched it. I like his "swan like" gracefullness that he has when he is playing, and I thought it was an excellent performance.

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Posted By: ryan

Re: Kissin... - 11/16/01 05:02 AM

Thanks for posting this Mat! Absolutely beautiful performance. My wife and I are enjoying it right now.
Posted By: AndrewG

Re: Kissin... - 11/16/01 12:29 PM

I just noticed that the conductor is Andrew Davis. Andrew himself is also quite an accomplished pianist. What a beautiful performance! What collaboration! Thanks, Mat!
Posted By: Brendan

Re: Kissin... - 11/16/01 01:10 PM

I normally don't take ti Kissin's playing, but that was actually quite nice. Thanks for sharing it.
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