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In anticipation of performance

Posted By: Bernard

In anticipation of performance - 10/26/01 10:01 PM

I was wondering what some of the more experienced performers here can say about preparation for a performance. Specifically, say you know you will be performing a piece (or pieces) in 2 weeks from now. You have had the pieces in your mind for a while and have recently been polishing them up. What do you do between now and the time of the performance. How do you keep the memory from slipping away yet keep the piece from becoming stale? Do you practice it every day, every other day? Do you play it through often? Do you not play it at all until just before the performance? I have been taught answers to these questions but I was wondering what approach you all took.

I also want to know if you ever feel that you actually know a piece. I've often felt that I knew a piece but as the time drew nearer to performing it, I felt like I didn't know it which I'm sure was my fear playing tricks with me.
Posted By: Bernard

Re: In anticipation of performance - 10/26/01 10:03 PM

I forgot to mention that I'm going on vacation after this evening so I'll be waiting to see any replies when I get back. So if I'm not responding, you'll know why. smile
Posted By: ZeldaHanson

Re: In anticipation of performance - 10/28/01 02:24 AM

What do you consider "expirienced".

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Posted By: PianoMuse

Re: In anticipation of performance - 10/29/01 03:44 AM

One of the best ways to keep a peice fresh and new in your mind is to play it out of order. Instead of playing it straight through, work on small sections out of order. Also, in your practice, play legato sections staccato and vice-versa. This will ensure that it is truly in your fingers.

Of course, straight-through practice is important, but try to do it at a slower pace much of the time, occasionaly bringing it to it's full speed. i find that this is the best method. ( i am preparing for a HUGE concert in two weeks as well, where i am playing some crazy Rachmaninoff, so i am feeling the nervousness already!)
Good luck!
Posted By: AndrewG

Re: In anticipation of performance - 10/29/01 12:08 PM

May I ask which crazy Rachmaninov pieces?
Posted By: PianoMuse

Re: In anticipation of performance - 10/29/01 02:35 PM


Prelude No. 4, Op. 32, Prelude 5, Op. 23,Prelude No. 8 Op. 32, and Etude-Tableaux, Op. 33 No. 4
I am little nervous about the Pelude No. 4, because i JUST started it barely a month ago, so it should be interesting ( one section is presto possible..as fast as possible!) But i think it should be ok.
Posted By: gail

Re: In anticipation of performance - 10/30/01 02:34 AM

Dear Bernard,

I like to listen to performances, live or recorded, of pieces I'm working on. This helps me fall in love w/the piece, instead of being afraid of it.
My other form of reassurance comes from metronome-practice: I'll go through the entire piece w/the metronome, circling any spot that's uncomfortable. Then, I go back & rework those spots 'til they're smooth. Finally, I play each of those spots perfectly 10 times, or 25 times, or even 100 times; whatever it takes to make that piece mine.
Lastly, I cut out caffeine at least 24 hrs. before any performance, a week before for a recital. If you have time, check out the book "The Relaxation Response." I won a HUGE audition using techniques from that book.

Happy Performance!
Posted By: to-be-a-pianist

Re: In anticipation of performance - 10/31/01 09:38 PM

I do understand you ...
Before I hsve a performance, I try to trust myself that I CAN play the piece ,,, I hope that the best is to perform the piece for a teacher(especially if it's a new piece) before a "real" performance, then you probably know where you have to work more on some places in the piece and you can perhaps get some good advise from a experienced teacher is also helpful sometimes,,,
Thats my suggestions right now,
I have to go an' practise...hmmm on Chopin sonata no.3
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