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Posted By: scottgreen94 Mozart Sonata k.279 - 10/18/20 04:03 PM
Hi, I’ve began the first movement of this sonata yesterday. Have the first two pages hand together slowly done already. It’s not too bad at the minute, lot of semiquaver trill runs in some areas difficult to get up to speed.

My question is anyone who has played this any tips and advice on practicing this sonata as a whole and if you already have, how did it go?
Posted By: bennevis Re: Mozart Sonata k.279 - 10/18/20 07:40 PM
As for any Mozart, clean articulation - including the ornaments, which must never stick out like sore thumbs - and a singing tone are key. Use pedal sparingly (maybe half-pedal or flutter-pedal).

It must 'flow like oil'.

Therefore, practice the runs with ornaments slowly until they are perfectly smooth.
Posted By: Sidokar Re: Mozart Sonata k.279 - 10/19/20 12:07 PM
Even though this sonata is labelled N°1, it is actually not the first one that Mozart composed. There are at least 3 maybe 4 before that, which have been lost. This one is the first for which we have the full score (other than small sonatinas) and was put in the difficult category.

The level of difficulty is in the average of other Mozart sonatas (K545 being easier and some other being easier and some more difficult) but it is not a very long one, K331 for example is much longer. There are no particular difficulties, it is fairly typical of Mozart style, graceful, fluid, smooth integration of ornaments, proper combination of legato and detached or staccato.

Good luck !
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