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Posted By: StartwithBach Granados's Valse Poeticos - 10/22/19 07:34 PM
I had the privilege of hearing American pianist Drew Petersen play a recital this past weekend. Besides performing Schubert's Wanderer-Fantasie (whoa!!), he played Granados's Valse Poeticos. I had never heard the Valse Poeticos. Petersen handled it with such care- there was sweetness, whimsy, and joy all wrapped up in this set. Needless to say, I ordered the sheet music. Wanted to call my fellow pianists' attention to it in the event you were not aware of this beautiful collection of pieces.
Posted By: WhoDwaldi Re: Granados's Valse Poeticos - 10/22/19 11:35 PM
Yes! They are wonderful.

The waltzes were used by Nacho Duato for the ballet, "Remanso." I had forgotten about them until I heard Benjamin Grosvenor's album "Dances," and had forgotten about them again until I found a score in a used book store. They are great to work on.

Posted By: BruceD Re: Granados's Valse Poeticos - 10/23/19 02:15 AM
They are available on IMSLP.

Posted By: Sidokar Re: Granados's Valse Poeticos - 10/23/19 10:42 PM
I love those pieces and in general Granados piano compositions. Paisaje is also a beautiful piece, escenas romanticas and many others.
Posted By: TwoSnowflakes Re: Granados's Valse Poeticos - 10/24/19 11:29 AM
I play a couple of these not-infrequently for ballet class and they are always appreciated. I found out about Remanso a while back when one of the dancers said “I love when you play Remanso!” and I was like “you mean Granados’ Valses Poéticos?”

Same thing happened with the same dancer who said “I love when you play Balanchine’s Emeralds!”

“You mean Fauré’s Sicilienne?”

And with a teacher who wanted me to play “Balanchine’s” Divertissement. She meant Mozart.

Also “Balanchine’s” Concerto. It’s Shostakovich.

Where were we? Oh yes. Valses Poéticos. Love them. Alicia de Larrocha is my favorite recording.
Posted By: Qwerty53 Re: Granados's Valse Poeticos - 10/26/19 05:55 PM
Originally Posted by WhoDwaldi
The waltzes were used by Nacho Duato for the ballet, "Remanso." ...
I love these pieces! I can play just one of the valses Poeticos (no. 6) so far, but aspire to the whole suite. Thank you for sharing the video of the performance by these beautiful dancers!
Posted By: johnstaf Re: Granados's Valse Poeticos - 10/27/19 09:31 AM
I also love Granados. I'd love to learn Goyescas.
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