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I just wanted to briefly draw the attention of the members here to the 55th quarterly recital thread. I'm mentioning this recital here since this is a special recital dedicated to a very special and dear member, Monica K., who has been a member of Piano World for 14 years and has been the moderator of the ABF quarterly recitals since its very beginnings over 13 years ago. Monica, herself, has been perhaps the most dedicated ABF quarterly recital participant, having participated in every quarterly recital since it started.

Sadly, Monica is now gravely ill. Many of the pieces played and submitted to this special dedicated recital are offered as tributes to Monica from the various members. Please wander over to the 55th Quarterly Recital thread here and have a listen or watch a few videos, and you can go over to the Recital Discussion thread here to make comments or offer your own message of support to Monica K.

This was the previously posted background on this special dedicated recital:
The 55th ABF quarterly recital is dedicated to our long-time recital moderator Monica K.

Monica joined the forum in Aug 2005, and has over 18,000 posts, Her contributions have always been helpful and supportive. She was responsible (along with Mr. Super-Hunky) for getting the quarterly recitals started, and served as the administrator for the recitals from the beginning until Recital #53 - that's over 13 years. She has performed in 54 consecutive quarterly recitals! She has also been the ABF's expert and leading fan for the music of Ludovico Einaudi.

For reference, past recitals are available via the ABF recitals portal.
What a beautiful tribute to a valued member of this community. I'll head on over and have a listen!
Sad update.
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