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Piano Practice in Paris

Posted By: Henri2106

Piano Practice in Paris - 08/13/19 08:21 PM

I will be in Paris for about two weeks in late August-September and —while we will be doing many things aside from that, obviously— I would really like to keep my hands on a piano, every now and then... Does anyone know of a place where one can rent a practice room, or someone who would let me use their piano, for a small compensation?
BTW, I have a gentle touch, and speak French!
Many thanks
Posted By: MarieJ

Re: Piano Practice in Paris - 08/15/19 10:18 PM

Henri, i was reluctant to reply to your post as my experience with finding a piano in Paris dates back several years.

Before leaving Australia for a holiday in 2012 I had contacted Pianos Beaumarchais, 26 bd Beaumarchais, Paris. They had a lovely practice studio nearby which I used twice - the first time represented my 70th birthday present to myself (I’d always dreamed of getting my fingers on a grand piano).

It turned out to be an expensive exercise, as it brought on the purchase of my Yamaha C3 … smile
Posted By: Sibylle

Re: Piano Practice in Paris - 08/16/19 10:43 AM

Hello Henri,

it's probably too late for you to re-book anything now, and obviously I don't know your personal circumstances, but I'm going to Vienna for 3 weeks next month and thought I'd share what I did: I didn't book a hotel, but a private room as a short-term sublet - with a piano! That was my main criterion, and happily, it's not difficult to find rooms/flats with pianos in Vienna. I do believe this should be possible elsewhere as well.

In any case, good luck finding a lovely piano to practise on!

Posted By: Henri2106

Re: Piano Practice in Paris - 08/16/19 07:59 PM

MarieJ and Sybille,
Many thanks for your feedback. I actually have found an apartment with piano once before on AirBnB, a beautiful old Gaveau, but sadly rather out of tune!
Posted By: indigo_dave

Re: Piano Practice in Paris - 08/16/19 08:35 PM

London has some decent public pianos. When I was there last February, I stayed in North Greenwich. There was one just a tube stop away at Canary Wharf. Brighton had a decent one on the train platform. An upright, the body seemed to be cast iron. I only played it for a moment to check it out.

My hostess also organized a couple of small house lunch parties (only 4 of us) at freinds' who had pianos. Never in the best of tuning - but you take what you can get. I played and entertained them and they made a nice lunch. I was able to come home after 10 days with my "chops" in tact. Now, the availability of public pianos is a real factor in where I want to travel. I was just in Montreal and there was a piano up on Mount Royal. I played there for about 45 minutes. And there was one in the Indigo bookstore. I played there for an hour. Of course in public you sort of need to play something people can at least tolerate. I play jazz standards, 40's-60's pop, old classics etc.
Posted By: Henri2106

Re: Piano Practice in Paris - 08/16/19 10:31 PM

Yes, I was surprised and really happy to find an OK Yamaha baby grand in the coffee shop corner of a bookstore on Rue Ste Catherine, I believe, in Montreal. Played a few pieces from memory and really wished I’d taken my tablet with me. A few other people played and we all had a very forgiving audience!
Posted By: BruceD

Re: Piano Practice in Paris - 08/16/19 10:58 PM


Depending upon your level, immediate goals and (perhaps) musical commitments, two weeks away from the piano is not necessarily a recipe for disaster. It sometimes happens that some time away from the piano brings you back, refreshed and more eager than ever to continue from where you left off.

As far as technique is concerned, you will lose little, if anything, in a period of two weeks.

Why not just spend all your time enjoying the wonders of Paris, without having to spend time looking for or getting to the piano that might (or might not) satisfy your need to practice.

De toute façon et quoi qui vous arrive, bon voyage et bonne chance!

Bien cordialement,

Posted By: johnstaf

Re: Piano Practice in Paris - 08/17/19 06:18 AM

I replied to the same question you posted on the other forum.
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