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Posted By: scottgreen94 John Field Nocturne No.5 polyrhythms - 05/15/19 12:13 PM
I’m working on this piece and it’s going great. The only problems I’m having is at bars 24 and 28 with the polyrhythms. They are my weakness! Anyone have any tips on what you’ve done to overcome this passage? Thanks.
Posted By: Pianist685 Re: John Field Nocturne No.5 polyrhythms - 05/15/19 01:06 PM
I guess you are talking about the nocturne B-flat major, H.37. I have recorded it for the IMSLP and found the biggest challenge to get the left hand accompaniment as soft as possible. As for the "polyrhythms", they are just embellishing figures. There are at least two different scores, one with less complex figures, another with more complex figures, and what is more, there are interpretations on Youtube where the pianists deviate very much from the written scores in general. So, in measures 24 and 28 you can play what you want and what you find nice. I am playing the "simple" version and do not count there but rather let the "embellishing" runs flow like a fill-in. Try not to count there, switch off your brain and play the figure as you feel them. My playing this piece sounds like this:

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