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Typo in Doctor Gradus?

Posted By: troglodyte

Typo in Doctor Gradus? - 04/15/19 09:50 PM

Debussy, Doctor Gradus from Children's Corner, bar 5, the first four notes in my edition (and in some other I checked) are E-B-C-E, which is what I always played. The initial long RH run recurs starting at bar 45, and I never looked too closely, assuming it is identical. Just recently I noticed that in the corresponding place, bar 50, there instead is E-A-C-E. Otherwise the runs indeed are identical. This must surely be a typo! But which is right? Looking at the manuscript at IMSLP its seems to be E-A-C-E also in bar 5. What do you play here?
Posted By: arc7urus

Re: Typo in Doctor Gradus? - 04/15/19 10:23 PM

I would say that the first four notes are E-A-C-E based on the manuscript (bar 5)...

[Linked Image]

Bar 45 seems to be E-B-C-E

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Sidokar

Re: Typo in Doctor Gradus? - 04/15/19 11:19 PM

Henle puts EACE in both places. They consider the autograph has an A and that is also what seems to me. The original edition has a B in bar 5 but A in bar 49. Henle considers this is an error.
Posted By: troglodyte

Re: Typo in Doctor Gradus? - 04/15/19 11:32 PM

That settles it - Thanks!
Posted By: cbreemer

Re: Typo in Doctor Gradus? - 04/25/19 12:22 PM

Good reading Joachim ! That difference never caught my eye smile
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