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Style of Pieces

Posted By: alangrumble

Style of Pieces - 05/06/18 12:46 PM

Hi everyone..Hope someone can help here..I'm doing grade 4 Royal Irish Academy exam soon and I'm playing "Spiritual" by Marian Ingoldsby .."Polonaise" BWV anh. 125 by Carl Phillipp Emanuel Bach..and a very fast and unusual version of "Frere Jacques" by Philip Martin (Vivo crotchet=132).
One of the questions in theory is to describe the style of the pieces eg. baroque, classical, romantic, modern etc.
I'm kind of assuming Polonaise would be described as classical but I'm a bit lost on the other two.
Any help would be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Eric399

Re: Style of Pieces - 05/06/18 01:48 PM

Spiritual: popular, Polonaise: Baroque, Frere J.: modern
Posted By: alangrumble

Re: Style of Pieces - 05/07/18 06:19 PM

Hi there..that's great..thank you
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