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My son is going to Salamanca in August - November to learn Spanish. He would like to continue his piano studies as his piano supplements for college will be due shortly after his return. He will be working on the Bach Prelude and Fugue in C# major WTC II, the first movement of the Waldstein Sonata by Beethoven, the Brahms Rhapsody No. 1 in b minor (he has this at performance level now), the Barber Nocturne (also will already be at performance level), and the Saint Saens Concerto in d minor.

Help would be appreciated.

I can't help directly with Salamanca, but I used to live in Madrid and I will ask among my music friends there to see if anybody has some recommendations in Salamanca.

Must the teacher speak English? If so, let me know.

I still remember my daughter coming home and having to unlearn "do/re/mi" and "bemol" and "negra/corchea/blanca/redonda", lol.

I sent you aprivate mesage , check your inbox.
Thank you so much! He does not speak Spanish (yet) but he speaks English and French.
Uhh.....Saint-Saens never Wrote a Piano Concerto in d Minor. Are you referring to his No.1 in D major Op.17? smile smile smile

If so, that is exciting news indeed. The Saint-Saens No 1 NEVER gets performed even though it is, IMHO on a par with his No 4, the reason being, again, IMHO it is SOOOOO difficult to play. Check YouTube. There is not one live performance of it there.

No.2 is overplayed. No. 3 is inferior. No. 5 is so-so. But anyone who has not familiarized themselves with No 1 is robbing themselves of a rare treat:


Done properly, you'd hear the horn motif played first by the 1st-chair horn in the orchestra, and then somewhere at the back of the concert hall or offstage you'd hear a muted horn repeating it pianissimo like a sort of echo.
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